About LiveSlides

LiveSlides is about making the web presentable.

It started in 2008, when we started Poll Everywhere: a live, web-based audience polling service. Since then, our team has created a way to display poll results from the web in presentation applications like PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides– on both Mac and Windows.

That got us thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we expanded the Poll Everywhere web platform to present any web content our customers want?”

A few weeks later LiveSlides was born. Suddenly it was possible to embed a web video or a live Tweet wall or any website at all in a presentation slide, in just three steps.

Now that LiveSlides makes it so easy to embed anything, we expect the web to become a staple ingredient in everyday presentations.

But it’s more than just making the web presentable. LiveSlides is about making it easier for the presenter to collect and package the information she needs to communicate. Our current tools are broken, which means presenters end up copying, pasting, and taking screen shots of web content for their slides.

It’s the 21st century, folks. Web content should be displayed live from presentation software. That’s why LiveSlides exists. Now you can add live websites in your slides as fast as you can drop a web address in a box.

For web developers there’s a Developer API that gives you the tools and guidelines you need to help your customers create presentation-ready LiveSlides from your website. You’ve optimized your site for desktop and mobile; isn’t it time you optimized for presentations, too?

There’s a lot to talk about on the web. With LiveSlides, you can bring that discussion right to your presentation.