Realtime data in your presentation

It happens every day in meetings all over the planet. Somebody screenshots a live dashboard, posts the picture in a slide, and presents it. Stop it, people.

LiveSlides makes it easy

Now you can simply paste the URL for your dashboard into LiveSlides, and your dashboard data appears full screen. This is the end of the bar chart screenshot, forever.

LiveSlides makes it live

When your data needs to be fresh, there’s nothing fresher than this-very-moment. Tickers load in real time; line graphs track to the second, all in your slide.

LiveSlides makes it reusable

Once you’ve created your weekly meeting deck with LiveSlides, your data stays up to date, week after week. Add up all those screenshot-and-paste minutes you’ll be saving over the years, and it becomes quite a lot of free time on your hands. Use it wisely, friend.

Start embedding any web content in your presentation

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