Embedded browser API

The core of LiveSlides technology is a specialized browser embedded in slideware applications like PowerPoint. Its just like a regular web browser, but with a few differences that are worth knowing so you can take full advantage of this platform.

User Agent

Understanding the LiveSlides browser user agent can help you build a server that optimizes content for display in LiveSlides, or to capture analytics on how people are viewing your content in presentations.

The LiveSlides user agent string consists of multiple parts:

For example, LiveSlides 1.2 running on Windows 7 with Office 2013:

User-Agent: LiveSlides/1.2 Office/15.0.4420.1017 Windows/7.0 Chromium/26.0


To test what your web content looks like in the LiveSlides embedded browser, download the free LiveSlides Add-in for your platform and insert the URL you’d like to test.