Placeholder image API

The LiveSlides placholder image API generates images that act as placeholders in slideware applications that the LiveSlides Add-in detects during a presentation to display live web content.

User experience

The placeholder displays a screenshot of the web content that the user wants to present. There are also instructions on the slide that are useful for new end existing users.

Presenters that have LiveSlides installed

The placeholder image puts into context the web content that a user is going to present with a screenshot. Due to cross-platform technical limitations between Mac, PC, Keynote, and PowerPoint, LiveSlides can't display live web content while presenters are in edit mode. Instead an placholder image object is embedded on the page that has a screenshot of the web content.

New presenters that don't have LiveSlides installed

If a presenter emails their PowerPoint presentation to another person who does not have the LiveSlides add-in installed, they will enter presentation mode and see the instructions on the placeholder image to download and install LiveSlides to view live web content.

Experiment & configure

Tweak the settings below to see what the placeholder image looks like below. Updates in realtime as you change the settings.

Parameter Value Description
url Required. URL that will be rendered as a placeholder image, and encoded into the image's slide.url metadata.
width Width of the placeholder image (default 1600, valid: 1600, 1200)
height Height of the placeholder image (default 900, valid: 900)