Slide download API

The LiveSlides slide download API makes it possible for your users to download a PowerPoint PPTX slide of your web content, in just one click, and seamlessly present it live in PowerPoint or Keynote.

User experience

Watch this two minute video to understand what your users see and experience when you integrate the LiveSlides slide download API with your application:

Experiment & configure

Tweak the settings below to get a LiveSlides embed button that fits the look and feel your website.

Parameter Value Description
url Required. URL that will be displayed in the LiveSlide. This paramter must be CGI encoded.
title Describes the contents of the URL. The title is displayed in the slide's speaker notes above the URL so a person editing the slides knows what will be displayed in presentation mode.
color_scheme The look and feel of the download button.

Embed code

Copy and paste this embed code into your website to add a "Download LiveSlide" button.

Button preview

Try it out! Click on the button to download the PPTX that your users will see.


Get LiveSlides working even faster with these pre-built libraries: