Frequently Asked Questions

How much does LiveSlides cost?

LiveSlides is completely free. You can start using it with your PowerPoint and Keynote decks for zero dollars. Download the LiveSlides Add-in for free and start making your presentation decidedly unboring.

Why did you make LiveSlides?

We spent years developing the technology to embed live polls in PowerPoint and Keynote from the web at Poll Everywhere to make meetings more interesting. As our technology matured we realized, “why limit this to just polling? What if people could present video, live dashboards, or any web content” and LiveSlides was born.

Why is LiveSlides free?

We think if you become more comfortable with the web in PowerPoint and Keynote you’ll give our paid service Poll Everywhere a try. Go ahead, try it from the LiveSlides Add-in via the “Insert Poll” button. Its free for up to 25 people then you may upgrade to a paid plan for larger audience sizes and other features.

How does it work?

LiveSlides adds Chrome browser capabilities to PowerPoint, but removes the look and feel of a browser window. The result is that you can browse web content within your presentation, without too many tell-tale Chrome trappings ruining the look of your slides.

To do this we use a placeholder image that alerts LiveSlides to the presence of web content on your slide, so that when the slide is full-screen, your web content loads automatically, ready to amaze everyone. For this reason, it’s important not to interfere with the placeholder image by layering other words, images, or logos on top of it.

How do I install LiveSlides in PowerPoint on Windows?

First, download LiveSlides, then follow the directions on your computer to install it.

Second, open PowerPoint. If PowerPoint was already open, you might want to close it first, and then open it. You should see a new LiveSlides tab in the menu ribbon at the top of your PowerPoint window. That means you’re ready to embed just about any web content in PowerPoint. Proceed with glee.

What can I do with LiveSlides?

You can embed any web content in PowerPoint and Keynote. People tend to gravitate toward things like YouTube videos, maybe for showing a new product or even a funny cat video. Educators like to add things like Khan Academy videos to their usual in-class PowerPoint or Keynote decks. We even know a presenter who was brave enough to embed a live Periscope feed in his slide.

But don’t stop at video. You can show off your website, embed a Twitter feed, or give everyone a chance to talk back to you with a Poll Everywhere poll. It’s really up to you. Look around the site for inspiration, and then start experimenting. We’ll be adding more LiveSlides optimized sites as we go, but you’re not limited to what you see here. Basically, if it has a URL, and you’re allowed to share it, it’s fair game.

Why do I just see a white box when presenting my LiveSlides slide?

There are many issues that may prevent a web page from displaying in LiveSlides including:

Flash is not installed

If you’re presenting Flash content, like Prezi, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed on your computer. You may install flash by visiting the Adobe Flash Player website.

Website has an invalid SSL certificate

If a website’s SSL certificate is improperly configured, LiveSlides will display a blank white screen. Visit the website you’re trying to present in Chrome or Safari and verify no security warnings appear.

Other website issues

If a website is behind a firewall or experience other issues, it may not display correctly in LiveSlides. Contact that websites support team for more assistance.

What are the system requirements for LiveSlides?

LiveSlides is designed to run on a wide variety of operating systems with several presentation applications:



I don't see my web content in PowerPoint

After you insert web content into LiveSlides, you will see a placeholder image where the web content will appear. To view the web content you’ll need to enter presentation mode.

  1. Click on the “LiveSlides” tab in the upper right of the PowerPoint window, to verify that you’ve installed the LiveSlides Add-in and that it’s running properly. If you don’t see the tab download and install the add-in.

  2. Check that your internet connection is good. You must have a working internet connection to run content from LiveSlides.

  3. In PowerPoint, click on the “Slide Show” tab.

  4. Begin the slide show by clicking the “From Current Slide” button. When you get to the slide with web content, it should appear.

Do I need a web connection to view my LiveSlides?

Yes. Even though your web content looks like a seamless part of your presentation slide, it still lives on the web. That means you must have a working internet connection to view the web content on your slides. That also means that if your internet connection is slow, it may take a few seconds longer to load LiveSlides content.

When presenting in Keynote I don’t have a mouse pointer and can’t navigate around the embedded web page

Keynote hides the mouser pointer during a presentation by default. If you’d like to interact with the web content in your LiveSlides you will need to enable the mouse pointer with these following steps:

  1. Select “Preferences…” from the Keynote menu
  2. Click the “Slideshow” icon in the menu bar
  3. In the “Interacting” section, select “Show pointer when using the mouse or trackpad”

Close out Preferences and you should now have a mouse pointer while presenting.

My Mac is telling me PowerPoint or Keynote needs permissions to access a file

For security purposes, each Mac application runs inside of its “sandbox” to protect itself from potentially malicious applications. When you insert a LiveSlide into your presentation, the LiveSlides application needs to copy a placeholder image from its sandbox into your presentation software’s sandbox so it knows where to display the web content while you’re presenting.

If you see this prompt, click the “Select” button so the placeholder image can be inserted into your presentation.

Can I share a deck that contains LiveSlides?

Yes, your decks are more sharable than ever with LiveSlides, because of the smaller file sizes (due to hosting videos, images, and sites on the web instead of in your PPTX file). However, anyone who wants to view the web content in your deck will need to download LiveSlides to activate the content. They will also need a working internet connection while viewing.

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