What can I do with LiveSlides?

You can embed any web content in PowerPoint and Keynote. People tend to gravitate toward things like YouTube videos, maybe for showing a new product or even a funny cat video. Educators like to add things like Khan Academy videos to their usual in-class PowerPoint or Keynote decks. We even know a presenter who was brave enough to embed a live Periscope feed in his slide.

But don’t stop at video. You can show off your website, embed a Twitter feed, or give everyone a chance to talk back to you with a Poll Everywhere poll. It’s really up to you. Look around the site for inspiration, and then start experimenting. We’ll be adding more LiveSlides optimized sites as we go, but you’re not limited to what you see here. Basically, if it has a URL, and you’re allowed to share it, it’s fair game.