Engage everyone with live polls in your slides. Make it a conversation.

With live polling via SMS text or the web, you can ask the audience anything. Or they can ask you anything. Or you can all play Quiz Show Titans. Your call. Responses update instantly on your slide.
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How it works

Download free LiveSlides Add-in

Then install it. This is how you get embed-anything superpowers in your PowerPoint and Keynote menu.

Copy and paste a web address

Could be your startup's demo video or a website. Just copy/paste the URL into LiveSlides in PowerPoint or Keynote.

Present seamlessly in PowerPoint and Keynote

Walk through your deck in slideshow mode. All your web content is live, playing or scrolling in your slide.

Use LiveSlides to embed live polls in PowerPoint

Expert panel Q&A

In every audience you've got your microphone hogs and your microphone haters. Give them both equal access to the experts with a quick, anonymous Q&A poll. Now everyone can ask their questions in the time it would take one spotlight lover to step up and ask.

Built-in pop quizzes

Use your pre-existing decks, but add live quizzes (for a wake-up call or for formative assessment) at key points in the lecture. Once your Poll Slides are embedded, you can reuse the same polls in the same deck year after year and section after section. Just clear your results after class, and you're good to go.

Instant icebreakers

Kick off a meeting or training event with a live poll to help everyone feel connected right from the start. Embed a clickable image poll in your PowerPoint or Keynote slide, so everyone can click on their hometowns, or give them a chance to weigh in on the ideal conference playlist with a ranking poll full of awesome song titles.

Start embedding any web content in your presentation

Download Free LiveSlides Add-in Download Free LiveSlides Add-in Download Free LiveSlides Add-in