Keep everyone in the loop with live project management in your presentation.

Save time and confusion by embedding your favorite project management board in a PowerPoint or Keynote slide. It's always up to date for the weekly meeting.
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How it works

Download free LiveSlides Add-in

Then install it. This is how you get embed-anything superpowers in your PowerPoint and Keynote menu.

Copy and paste a web address

Could be your startup's demo video or a website. Just copy/paste the URL into LiveSlides in PowerPoint or Keynote.

Present seamlessly in PowerPoint and Keynote

Walk through your deck in slideshow mode. All your web content is live, playing or scrolling in your slide.

Use LiveSlides to display a live project board in PowerPoint and Keynote

Faster Scrum meetings

Make your weekly check-ins more agile than ever with a working Pivotal Tracker board embedded in your usual presentation deck. Make course corrections and updates right from the slide to get everyone on the same page. Then get back to work.

Instant shareholder updates

Stop copy/pasting from Asana every single week to show your team's progress to the board members. Now it only takes two clicks to embed your entire updated Asana board into a PowerPoint or Keynote slide. Next week, when you open it again, you'll already be good to go.

Better sales meetings

Keep churning out all those stats & facts slides if you want, but now you can just drop straight into your deck instead. Use it discuss last week's highs, lows, big fish, little fish, the ones that got away, and why. Less prep work for you means more of your mojo goes toward helping your sales team win.

Start embedding any web content in your presentation

Download Free LiveSlides Add-in Download Free LiveSlides Add-in Download Free LiveSlides Add-in