Embed a Twitter feed in a PowerPoint or Keynote slide. Hashtag revolution.

Turn any live event into a conversation with a live Twitter feed in your PowerPoint or Keynote deck. It's a seamless transition from your title slide to your Twitter slide.
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How it works

Download free LiveSlides Add-in

Then install it. This is how you get embed-anything superpowers in your PowerPoint and Keynote menu.

Copy and paste a web address

Could be your startup's demo video or a website. Just copy/paste the URL into LiveSlides in PowerPoint or Keynote.

Present seamlessly in PowerPoint and Keynote

Walk through your deck in slideshow mode. All your web content is live, playing or scrolling in your slide.

Use LiveSlides to embed a Twitter feed in PowerPoint and Keynote

Kick off a big event

Nothing warms up a crowd like a live tweet storm. Start with a keynote topic or a funny hashtag, and let the Tweets begin. If you have a conference hashtag, you can even create a PowerPoint or Keynote loop of your conference announcement slides, with an up-to-the-minute Twitter slide showing all the latest conference tweets. It's a great way to build camaraderie before the party starts.

Mine the crowd for insights

If you're presenting to a room full of professionals, don't waste the chance to hit them up for their perspectives. Designate a hashtag, and choose a question, eg. "What tools have you used to solve this problem?" Insert a live Twitter slide at key points in the presentation. Now you have interaction woven into your time together. And the Twitterverse benefits, too.

Encourage buzz with a contest

Got something good to give away? Then you can create a lot of chattter with a Tweet war. Start with a hashtag that's unique to your contest, conference, or organization. Then ask a question, and let the audience tweet their responses along with the hashtag. The Tweet with the most favorites wins. Or you can simply pick one raffle-style.

Start embedding any web content in your presentation

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