Embed video in your slides. Show them how it's done.

Include web video in your presentation from YouTube or Vimeo. All optimized for showing off in just two steps.
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How it works

Download free LiveSlides Add-in

Then install it. This is how you get embed-anything superpowers in your PowerPoint and Keynote menu.

Copy and paste a web address

Could be your startup's demo video or a website. Just copy/paste the URL into LiveSlides in PowerPoint or Keynote.

Present seamlessly in PowerPoint and Keynote

Walk through your deck in slideshow mode. All your web content is live, playing or scrolling in your slide.

Use LiveSlides to embed any video in PowerPoint and Keynote

Corporate conference kick-off

Shake off the nerves and get everyone talking with a big music video opener. Now that you've got LiveSlides in PowerPoint and Keynote, you can choose any video on the web to get things started. Don't even tell the AV crew. You got this. (Unless they have the keys to the sound system. In that case, you should probably keep the AV crew around.)

Educate the masses

Save prep time (and a heckload of explanation) with your favorite educational videos. Now you can curate educational Vimeo or Youtube videos in your PowerPoint and Keynote decks, and reuse them class after class. As long as you have an internet connection, you can present your video slides as smoothly as your regular old PowerPoint and Keynote slides, anytime, anywhere.

Rock your startup demo

Intro your business or product by showing it in action. LiveSlides makes even the smallest presentation feel like a big production, with approximately 1/12 the effort. So whether you're showing your pitch deck to one investor, or debuting to 1,000 fans, your product shines, distraction free.

Start embedding any web content in your presentation

Download Free LiveSlides Add-in Download Free LiveSlides Add-in Download Free LiveSlides Add-in